QNX 6 Board Support Packages

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Outstanding issues

BSP dependencies

In order to handle dependencies, the libraries, headers, and other files found in the ./prebuilt directory must be copied correctly to your .scratch directory. To do this, you'll need to run make at the appropriate directory level.

Before you make any components for your particular board, you must first make the BSP sources at the top level. For example, suppose you want to build the flash source for the RPX-Lite BSP. Initially, you must build everything from the root of the BSP, like this:

Correct way (for initial build)

cd /usr/src/bsp-6.1.0/ppc/rpx-lite

This will build everything under ./src and will set up the scratch directory correctly.

Incorrect way (for initial build)

Don't do this:

cd /usr/src/bsp-6.1.0/ppc/rpx-lite/src/hardware/flash/boards/rpx-lite/ppc/be

After this initial build is complete, you should then be able to build any of the sources individually.

Note: Remember that if you change a library or header, make sure it gets copied to your scratch directory.