QNX 6 Consumer Source Kit

Release Notes

Date of this edition: October 19, 2001

Note: The software included in this release of the CSK corresponds to version 6.1.0A of the QNX Realtime Platform.

Known issues

Windows host

On a Windows 2000 host, you need to set the TMP environment variable to something meaningful before making the CSK source. For example:

mkdir \TMP
set TMP=C:\TMP

On a Windows host, always build your applications using the Photon Application Builder (PhAB), instead of from the terminal command line.

MIPS applications

Due to a compiler problem in the current release, there's a problem building MIPS applications when using the Photon Application Builder (PhAB). In order to build a proper executable for MIPS, you need to do the following each time you generate your application:

  1. Generate your application for the MIPS Target Platform (i.e. gcc_ntomipsle).
  2. Change to the /usr/src/csk-6.1.0/src/apps/phplay/ directory.
  3. Edit the abmain.c source file.
  4. Remove const from the line (approximately line number 68):
    static const ApClassTab_t ClassTable[] = {

    The line should now read:

    static ApClassTab_t ClassTable[] = {
  5. Make and run your application.
    Note: Don't regenerate your application; otherwise PhAB will reinsert the const.

If you don't use PhAB to build your applications, you don't need to make this change because the code is correct in abmain.c.

If you don't see, for example, the gcc_ntomipsle Target Platform, run the package Installer and install the Development libraries and headers targeting MIPS.

Changing a CSK application in PhAB

If you open one of the CSK applications in PhAB and make some change (for example, you move a widget), you might see a message like this when you save or generate the application:

The application file was modified, removed, renamed or something bad happened.

This is caused by PhAB's interaction with the package filesystem, but it doesn't indicate a real error. You can ignore this message; it will be removed in the next release of the CSK.