QNX 6 Consumer Source Kit

Installation Note

Date of this edition: October 19, 2001

This installation note includes:

The Consumer Source Kit (CSK) includes:

The runtime version of the Voyager server (vserver) is included with your QNX Realtime Platform; by default, it's installed in /usr/photon/bin.

Note: For a list of known issues, see the Release Notes.


On a QNX 6 host

To install the CSK package on a QNX 6 host:

  1. Refer to http://commercial.qnx.com using your browser. This directory includes this installation note.
  2. Start the QNX Package Installer.
  3. Add the following repository:


    then select it.

  4. Expand the Software Development entry under QNX Realtime Platform.
  5. Select the Consumer Source Kit, then click Install.

When the installation is complete, you'll find:

On a Windows host

To install the CSK on a Windows host:

Caution: You MUST delete all previously installed packages as instructed in the QNX 6.1.0A (SDK 1.1.0A) For Windows Hosts Installation Note before you copy the new QPKs/QPMs. If you don't, you'll have serious problems with your installation.

  1. Make sure you have the Windows SDK 1.1.0A properly installed and configured.
  2. Download the following file:


  3. Extract the csk-1.0.tar file so all qpk and qpm files reside in:


  4. If you've met all the above conditions, you can now run the following script at an MS-DOS command prompt:

    Follow the instructions on your screen.

When the installation is complete, you'll find the source code in the %QNX_TARGET%\usr\src\csk-6.1.0\src\apps directory.

When the installation is done, you'll find the documentation in the %QNX_TARGET%\usr\help\product\csk_en directory.

Technical support

If you have any questions, comments, or problems with the CSKs, we recommend that you use our support forums available from our news server, news://nntp.qnx.com. These newsgroups are frequented by our developers and support staff, and will be your best avenue of support for solving problems.